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Top location near Lake Veere and the beaches of the North Sea


On the banks and on the border of lake, sea and forest

Camperpark Zeeland has a very attractive location at the edge of the forest and directly on the banks of the ‘watersport paradise’ Lake Veere. The camper pitches are located in the middle of the nature reserve and recreation park the Schotsman with a surf bank, cable installation for waterskiing, trailer ramp and beautiful walking and bicycle paths.

Furthermore, the camper pitches are located within walking / bicycling distance of the Veerse Gatdam and the long, clean and sandy beaches of the North Sea! The gorgeous North Sea beaches allow for wonderful walks, sunbathing and swimming. The Banjaard beach – at only approximately 2 km from the camperpark – was again voted cleanest North Sea beach of the Netherlands in 2012!  At the Veerse Gatdam (North Sea side) and at Neeltje Jans (in the middle of the Oosterschelde storm surge barrier) there are brilliant opportunities to kite and windsurfing.

Across Lake Veere you will find the picturesque town of Veere. You can get there using the ferryboat that is suitable for both pedestrians and bicyclists in the season.


As a result of the location at Lake Veere and close proximity to the North Sea, practically all types of water sports are possible in the immediate vicinity of Camperpark Zeeland: windsurfing (Lake Veer, quiet water), kite surfing (Veerse Gatdam, North Sea) and Neeltje Jans (North Sea, rougher water), waterskiing, wakeboarding, sailing, diving, canoeing, sailing, swimming, etc. Next to the camperpark there is also a boat trailer ramp.

There are various schools where you or your children can learn the basic principles of for example wind- and/or kite surfing. Waterskicentre the Schotsman is located ‘right in front’ of the camperpark.


Central location in Zeeland, easy to reach

Camperpark Zeeland has a very central location in the hart of the ‘holiday province’ Zeeland and is very easy to reach. The camperpark is very easy to reach via the spacious access roads and is located close to the main through roads. As a result of the central location our camperpark is your ideal starting point to discover the whole of Zeeland during daytrips. Every island within the former ‘island kingdom’ has its own character and identity. The countryside of Zeeland, including the impressive Delta works, is very beautiful and varied and invites you to go walking and bicycling.

 Camperpark Zeeland: a central location in Zeeland!

Within a 25 km radius of the camperpark you will find practically all the cities, villages, beaches and places of interest that make Zeeland so special! Lake Veere, the beautiful beaches of the North Sea, nature reserve and recreational area the Schotsman – with great walking trails leading directly from the camperpark and a ‘surf bank’ where you can position your camper directly on the waterside during the day! –, the Easter Scheldt storm surge barrier, the Zeeland bridge, Delta park Neeltje Jans, Middleburg, Vlissingen, Veere, Domburg, Goes, Zierikzee ….. these are all accessible within half an hour by camper from Camperpark Zeeland! Many of the above-mentioned locations are even within walking or bicycling distance of the camperpark.

But Zeeland-Flanders, with the lovely town of Sluis, and the magnificent Flemish cities of Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges at our sympathetic southern neighbours, also nominates itself for a daytrip because it is relatively close by and quick and easy to reach from your camper pitch at Camperpark Zeeland via the Westerschelde tunnel or via the A58 motorway.