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With the help of the touch screen at the payment terminal you will pass through the option menu:

Camperpark Zeeland-card

■ Length of stay:

  • 12 hours
  • 16 hours
  • 24 hours
  • Several days / nights (= multiple periods of 24 hours)
  • Special offer: discount for stays from 7 days / nights

Option to have electricity at your camper pitch (12, 16 or 24 hours)

■ Number of extra persons (children up to the age of 3 are free)

■ Number of dogs (max. 2 per camper pitch, kept on a leash)

■ Upgrade access / payment card to have the possibility to take in clean drink water, use the showers, washing machine / tumble dryer and/or sinks to wash the dishes

■ Agree to General Conditions and the Regulations Camperpark Zeeland

    • Insert card / pay
    • Issuance access / payment card
    • Receipt with overview length of stay and possible upgraded amount on access / payment card

Your payment can always be upgraded (again) at a later stage during your stay at the payment terminal for additional use of the facilities or to extend your stay at the camperpark.

PLEASE NOTE: you can only pay with debit or credit card. You can not pay cash!